Help Needed

We are just starting out. At the moment, we are purely volunteer, run, but we hope to be able to get some funding and to eventually turn this into a non-profit.

At the moment, our biggest needs are for someone who can do highly interactive web page design and for funding/fund-raising help.  We also, of course, could use many other forms of help. Here is a quick, partial list of the kinds of help and skills that would clearly be useful at some point. If you think of some other kind of help that might be useful, feel free contact us.  This is going to be a team effort!

  • health researchers … people who keep up with the literature, know how to do literature searches and know how to read and interpret original research papers
  • statistical programers
  • web designers and artists – this is both creative, in terms of making an interface that is appealing, and functional in helping design something that will facilitate a team of people working on and continuously updating the back end
  • fund raisers
  • promotional help
  • business managers
  • legal help
  • office help
  • financial backers
  • cross cultural consultants and translators to make the website as widely useable as possible (eventual goal).